Still on but Ready to be Off the Road!

We are still on the road, tonight in Lodi at the Flag City RV Resort just off I-5. We stopped about 3PM because of the rain. It has been pelting down and just after we stopped the sky opened up. Glad we stopped when we did!

We are looking at weather and tomorrow will be either one of two routes, I-5 straight up to Oregon or the coast route on 101, it all depends on the quality and clarity of the road as of 8 AM tomorrow.

Here are some shots from the road yesterday as we left Palm Springs and today as even Libby was ready to get off the road.


Good morning sun, goodbye Palm Springs


This is the view all along I-5 from the Grapevine in the south to Sacramento in the north. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but beautiful.


At a gas stop Libby had had just about enough! She is ready to be home.

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The End of a Trip but not the End of the Journey, Plus Monkey Business!


Last Night at the Catalina Spa and RV Resort

We are nearing the end of this trip and on the final day of this trip I have had to turn down two offers for the Righteous Coach. Yes, you read right, two different people wanted to buy RC! One lady at the Vintage Show came thru RC twice in one day and then asked if we would sell it, we said what we would sell it for and she didn’t blink. I told her I would call her after the show and I did. I actually talked her out of buying a vintage RV of any kind because she doesn’t have the mechanical skills necessary to handle the potentiality of problems, if they occurred. I did recommend a couple of alternatives for her which she said she would pursue. The second offer came as I went to lunch with Duane and Jan St. Clair, friends from my foster parent association days. The guy pulled up beside us on the right side and gave us the thumbs up and asked about the coach. About a mile of following us he pulled up on the left side and asked me to take his phone number and call him about selling the coach. I told him I would but haven’t called yet. I will do that today and tell him the bad news, it’s not for sale.

Today we will be having an early dinner with cousin Brenda Lewis and her husband Truman and my Uncle Tim (haven’t seen him in over 55 years! After dinner it will be back to the RV park for one last dip into the park’s hot springs powered hot tub. We will be on the road for the next several days and will keep you posted on our travels.

The Monkey, the Monkey, what about the Monkey? Ok, the Monkey. The Monkey came into our lives quite innocently and thru a good deed I did for its creator. The Monkey is an inanimate object that holds the elixir of taste overwhelming proportions! The Monkey was created by Deadhead Rum and contains a bottle of dark chocolate infused rum, yummmmmmm! I hope I will have some left when I get home so you’ll be able to try it if you come to the Sumner Jones home. I came by it by doing a favor for the distiller. They were at the Vintage Show giving tastes of their rum and at our welcome dinner giving larger samples, wink, wink. Their pot was not heating the water fast enough to keep up with the demand so I offered our little 16 oz. quick heater. It saved their day and was a lucky deal for me because I got a bottle of the rum for free. Here are a couple of pics of me and my Monkey!

Carl and his Monkey are in the House!

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The Show is Over

From the time we arrived in Palm Springs until now it has been non stop BUSY! We finally finished the Vintage RV and Trailer Show and are now relaxing with our friends in the Catalina Spa and RV Resort in Desert Hot Springs. I have added some photos below and will add some more later today but we have to get ready for a visit with my friend Duane St. Clair from the foster parent days. Jerry and Patty Mello are here at the Resort with us as well as Steve and Trisha Ruth from Arizona. We will have some fun over the next few days, may even finish the Monkey (more about that later).

Here are a few pics;


What a cloudy day in Palm Springs looks like!

The V Hotel in the early AM

Our hotel swimming pool in the early AM.

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They say Californy is the Place You Ought to be

We left the RV Park at 10, drove 10 miles, stopped for brekkie, then drove to Kingsburg, CA where there is nothing but the WORLD Headquarters of, see below. We sampled the goodies and then decided to stop for the night even though it was only 3 PM. Hey, it’s our life and we can stop anytime we want. We will drive a little further tomorrow.

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Sunshine is Somewhere!

We’re on our way to sunshine, I know it’s around here somewhere.

No, it’s not here at Tri Cities, Oregon!

UV in snow

No, it’s not here in Ashland, Oregon!


Ah, here it is in Corning, CA at sunset at the Rolling Hills Casino and in Sacramento, CA at Larry and Rosie’s. Larry and Rosie are Ultra Vanners too as you can see from their coach in the driveway! Thanks for the great lunch and visit Rosie and Larry.

With visits complete we are now on our way to Palm Springs and the most sunshine is California, expect some “bright” pictures in the next few days.

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Fixing Leaky Carb


We left home full of excitement and interest in seeing the sun shine for real, instead of assuming it is up in the sky and what happens, our engine stops on the freeway just south of Centralia. Fortunately we were able to coast off the freeway exit. After checking the engine bay and not finding anything amiss I tried to start the engine. It started and we moved on. Got all the way to Tenino and it happened again. Hmmmmmm! We coasted off the freeway exit again. This time I left the ignition on and went back to the engine bay to look. By the time I got to the rear of the coach the right bank carburetor was overflowing. Easy fix, I thought it was a sticky float. Just pulled the top off the carb and unstick the float, but then looking at the gasket I realized that it was part of the problem. Look at it closely and you will see a piece missing and a tear. NO GASKET, bummer! However, I did have some gasket material so I just traced the gasket on the material, less the tear and missing piece and cut it out with an sharp knife and tiny scissors, installed it, put the top back on and on the road again. Easy, peasy!

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Pedal to the Metal

Well you know it is getting close to the end of the trip when you forget to take pictures and just drive.

We drove all the way across Utah and Nevada while only taking a couple of photos. I think we just want to get home and see the kids, grandkids and sleep in our home bed for a change. I’m not saying Utah and Nevada aren’t beautiful, they each have their attributes, but it’s time to say goodbye to the road for a while and say hello to our friends who aren’t as lucky as we are in having an Ultra Van and being able to use it. As I’ve said before you Corvair owners need to venture out a little, your Corvair will love you for it

We are currently in Klamath Falls, OR and will be home on Wednesday. I will try to remember to take a couple of pictures from Oregon to Washington. Here are the ones I took over the last few days.


This is I-50 across Nevada, known as The Loneliest Road in America. Let me tell you, there are miles and miles of miles and miles!


The sign says it all!


Fran had so much time on her hands that she peeled a Citrus in the shape of a starfish! She is so talented.

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From Mesa Verde, CO to Fillmore, UT

We traveled 335 miles today after leaving Mesa Verde, CO. We wanted to get some miles under us so that we wouldn’t have to make it all up at the end of our trip. Traveled over two passes, one which was 8,876 feet in the Wasach Mountains in Utah. We are now in Fillmore, UT, the provincial Capital of Utah back in the days before it became a state. Fillmore is the county seat of Millard County, interesting, eh! We will leave here in the morning and start our trek across Nevada on the America’s Loneliest Road, US 50.

America's Loneliest Road

We don’t know what awaits us tomorrow on America’s Loneliest Road, but we will report all tomorrow.

Here are a few pics of yesterday’s and today’s travels;

Fran at Mesa Verde

Fran is looking out on Mesa Verde National Park in southern Colorado. It is spectacular!


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